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The most challenging and beautiful game for your phone DROPLETS 2.0 – now comes with OVER 300 NEW LEVELS AND CHALLANGES to keep you entertained for hours.
Experience sights and sounds of rainforest, where dew droplets form countless puzzles. Each level of the game uniquely tests your logic and strategic thinking. These addictive puzzles with gradually increasing level of complexity will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. Designed for touch-screen phones and features stunningly beautiful graphics, multiple game modes and score tracking.

FREE version contains only 20 levels.

Droplets is a recently released game for Windows mobile and can be found on the Windows mobile market place. It cost $1.99 and I can say it’s well worth the 2 bucks. The game is a simple puzzle game that has a great and pretty UI and is highly addictive. The game first loads with its main menu where you have a choice to start a New Game, Continue an old game, select level, settings, score board, instructions and quit. There are 30 levels as well as an easy or pro skill level. The easy skill gives you a hint and an undo button which really comes in handy. The object of the game is to throw water droplets into other droplets in a straight line popping them so there are none left. The levels start really easy but become pretty challenging very quickly. Overall the game works really well, has yet to crash on me, is really fun and has great graphics and touch controls.