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Lost Diamond II

The most fascinating, brain challenging and amazingly looking implementation of a classic Rush Hour game for BlackBerry® platform. Let your mind enjoy over 400 of unique puzzles that smoothly grow from Kid to Crazy complexity.

The instructions are simple: Your precious Red Diamond is lost between other malachite stones. Try to fully strain your brain's capability and find a way for your priceless stone to the much anticipated labyrinth’s gate, in the right of the screen. Remember, the less moves you do the more chances for you to get a reward along with the Lost Diamond liberation!
Bet, you'd wish to replay many puzzles again to get into the minimum move count, especially on hard sets!

The application features:
- More than 400 unique(!) puzzles in total
- Four game sets, from the easiest to the hardest: Kid (250+ puzzles), Normal (100+ puzzles), Pro (50+) and Crazy (25+)
- Amazing vintage graphics
- Cute relaxing music for comfortable playing, nice effect sounds
- Full support for touch and non-touch devices

Have an unforgettable brain challenging fun!