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Latin Proverbs

Latin Proverbs is a premium application that allows you to go deep into the world of ancient Rome and feel the history itself. Famous sayings by Caesar and Cicero, wise quotes by Seneca and Nero, Marcus Aurelius and Horace, proverbs, aphorisms, winged words and much more with translation into English.
Nothing can adorn you vocabulary better than a sharp Latin expression:
«Docendodiscitur» - It is learned by teaching. (Seneca)
«Contrariacontrariiscurantur» - The opposite is cured with the opposite (Hippocrates)
«Ususest magister optimus» - Practice is the best teacher (Cicero)

Key features:
- Share the proverbs with your buddies via sms, email;
- Favorites;
- Keyword Search;
- Pleasant graphics