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Fox and Geese

ATTENTION! Fox & Geese with BBM™ Integration!
Bet you've already recognized what this is, right?
This game is known since 14th century. It probably originated in Scandinavia, as a variant of Tafl. In the English-speaking world a simplified version is known as Fox and Geese. The game was a favorite pastime of Edward IV and Queen Victoria. Just remind you the classic rules: the geese win if they surround the fox so that it cannot move and the fox wins when only 4 geese remain.
So, be smart and build your chains intelligently. Have fun and enjoy this combination of the classic game and our unique features!

- Beautiful and extraordinary game's characters
- Amazing animation
- Possibility to play with phone and the live opponent
- Possibility to play on a network (through BBM™)
- Hours of entertainment on your mobile phone

Overall it's a great game that is fun to play.

Have Fun!!