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XIMAD has just released an amazing application which is a must-have for every proud citizen of USA.
It represents the most fundamental base of every State- the Constitution. Besides the entire text of the Constitution, the application offers many possibilities to work with it. You can simplify your work by highlighting the text with different colors, by adding tags and by leaving textual and audio notes. The app is extremely easy to use and social media friendly; you can share your notes on Twitter and Facebook simply pressing share button. You can share your ideas and thoughts with your friends immediately. The search option enables to find quickly the information you need. You can search in notes texts and tags. All notes will appear as a list. Select any of the items in the list and it will jump to the page you need. The app has a solemn design and is really handy. The best way to start thoughtful reading of the Constitution. Ideal for students and everyone who wants to learn more about the Constitution, keeping the main law of America always at your fingertips.